Avoid this mistake!

There’s a common patent filing mistake that many people make that I would love to help you avoid!

One business owner (whose name I won’t mention) got in touch with me three years after their initial patent filing with a notice from the patent office saying that their application had been rejected 😞.

I helped review the notice and provided suggestions for how to move forward from a business perspective. In some cases these rejection notices can be argued, but unfortunately in this case it would have been pretty difficult because the patent office found a previously filed patent that was very similar to that business owner’s product. The best option was to start all over again with a new patent focussing on the improvements this company made since filing their initial patent application.

Unfortunately, this late in the game, there wasn’t much I could do to help bring that patent application back to life. However, if they had completed a bit more prep work prior to their initial filing, such as the assessment and strategy work we complete in the Product Protection Playbook, one of a couple things might have happened differently.

In one case our Product Protection Playbook would have enabled them to better understand how they should focus their application so that the rejection notice could have been far less severe and easily dealt with. Alternatively what they learned through the Product Protection Playbook would have led them to avoid filing a patent on that product or aspect, saving them tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°, and potentially even enabling them to improve their product based on what they learned.

I wish this business owner, and others like him, who face these rejection notices would have had the opportunity to work through The IP Link’s Product Protection Playbook before their initial application!!

In particular, the first three modules of the program help our clients go from being not sure if they have anything patentable to being clear on which aspects of their product have the most potential, greatly reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes like this being made!

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