Is Your Product Patentable?

Many people ask me to help determine whether or not their product or technology might be patentable. You might be asking yourself that question right now. The answer to this question is tied closely in with the criteria for patentability. What you may not realize is that there is an even better, deeper way of asking whether or not your technology is patentable.

Your product almost certainly has more than one aspect or element, each of which could have the potential to be patentable. To make matters even more complex, each aspect of your product can be described with varying degrees of specificity.

How broadly or narrowly you describe your product will greatly impact the likelihood that your eventual patent application will be accepted or rejected.

So rather than asking, “is my product patentable?” it is far more insightful to ask “which aspect(s) of my product are most likely to be patentable and at what level of specificity?”

The first phase of The IP Link’s Product Protection Playbook will help you clearly brainstorm and articulate all the aspects of your product at multiple levels of specificity and ultimately become clear on which aspects of your product have the most potential to move forward with patent protection. Through our Playbook, you will gain the confidence you need to justify the initial effort and costs associated with filing a patent application.

Check out this video to learn more about this and the other phases of our Product Protection Playbook: