Don’t Miss Anything in Your Patent Draft 🧩

We just had a client graduate from the Product Protection Playbook™  Program and in our wrap-up call, he let me know how important the last module, Module 9 – Elevate Application, was to the overall process.

After a fair bit of back and forth between this founder and his patent lawyer, where they both reviewed the draft, made changes, and discussed it in depth, The IP Link also reviewed (as we always do with clients in Module 9) and found quite a few omissions of important aspects of their product. Our recent graduate had this to say:

“You cross-referenced our worksheet where we articulated our product [in module 1 of the program], and you were right, there were quite a few things we were missing in the actual draft from the patent itself. So we need to beef up a few sections… it was just missed.”

Given the cost and importance of getting your patent right, it’s very important that you make sure to have more than one person that knows your tech and understands patents review your patent draft BEFORE it is filed. Missed elements are very common, this client is just one example of many!

What’s your plan for ensuring the highest quality patent draft without missing anything?