Client Feature: Self-Sanitizing High-Touch Surfaces ๐Ÿง‚

The IP Link has recently been working with Outbreaker Solutions, an exciting Edmonton tech company that has developed a really cool and very timely product – a completely safe surface that automatically and passively sanitizes itself within seconds of being touched. It continues automatically sanitizing itself for years without any maintenance or other action.

The IP Link is helping Outbreaker identify strategic partners and weโ€™re looking for companies that may have an interest in learning more or licensing this innovative technology.

Letโ€™s keep ourselves safer (especially during a global pandemic) by getting more of these door handles and other surfaces out in the world!! If you know anyone who might be interested in partnering or licensing, please connect me with them or share this link:

If you would love to be in a position to monetize your own IP through licensing, but for whatever reason still haven’t been able to pull the trigger on getting a patent draft filed, I would love to chat.