Would an Investor Fund Your Business? 💰

“When somebody comes to me and says I want to invest in your company, the two questions that always come up are, ‘let’s see your financials’, and ‘what kind of patent do you have.‘ It comes up every time.”

A client, who is currently looking for investment, said this to me in a recent call.

Investors want to know how you will prevent competitors from taking over your industry once you prove the market. Having a strategic patent application will help you answer that question and will show investors that you are a running credible business and that you are committed to investing the time and money necessary to achieve success. This will certainly increase your chances of getting investment.

In certain cases, this increased chance of getting investment may be reason enough to pursue the illustrious patent-pending status.

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Also, let me know in the comments if you’ve had “the patent question” from an investor or, if you are an investor, is this one of your standard questions?

Focus on the near-term benefits of patents, not enforcement

Enforcement is the process where you start sending cease-and-desist letters and even suing infringers for manufacturing or selling products that overlap with your patent.  

Worried about having to enforce your patent once you file?

You might be worrying about problems you won’t have for many years, if ever. Instead, focus on the near-term benefits of filing a patent application! Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts by commenting on this post!