Engaging With a Patent Lawyer

When filing a patent application, it’s important to have a high-quality legal professional working with you when the time comes. Potentially even more important than this, you need to be well prepared FIRST.

Through The IP Link’s new program we help founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who may be intimidated by the prospect of paying for and working with a patent lawyer find and engage with the right person.

We give clients access to our email templates and lists of recommendations, ensure they know what questions to ask and what instructions to give (and how to articulate them), and let them know in advance what information the lawyers will need so that it is ready to go. This saves time, results in a better patent, and in many cases keeps costs more manageable.

Preparing in this way and taking this approach ultimately enables our clients to stay in charge of the process and costs, directing their lawyer to work for them on their timeline.  

Just last week I was helping a client through this process with a new lawyer (that I hadn’t worked with before) and the lawyers were pleasantly surprised at how well prepared my client was to move forward with the patent application. So much so that they agreed the introductory call was not needed, and they were able to provide a far lower quote for drafting and filing the patent!

If this sounds like a better way to work with a lawyer to you, I would love to discuss it in more depth! Book a call here: https://theiplink.com/book/

For more info on how we help, watch this video:

PS To my lawyer friends: if you wish your clients came to you a bit more prepared, we should also talk!

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