Reasons to Patent: Licensing

Over the next few weeks, I will be publishing a series of newsletter emails all about different reasons you may want to pursue a patent in your business.

One of the most common misconceptions I come across is that the only way a patent can bring value to your business is through legal enforcement (suing a competitor for patent infringement). In reality, there are many, many other reasons to file a patent that are far more relevant to newer, smaller businesses (such as technology startups).

For example, one great reason to consider filing a patent application is to enable your business to more easily and effectively pursue a licensing arrangement. In its most basic form, licensing is where you give another business (or multiple businesses) the right to use your protected intellectual property in exchange for a portion of the revenue they generate with your IP. It is possible to enter into a license as soon as you file an initial patent application (when you are still in the “patent pending” phase) so licensing can be a great way to bring early revenue into your business.

Certain business models work better with licensing than others, but if you have your heart set on manufacturing and selling your product entirely yourself, it may still be possible to pursue one or more licensees. For example, you might give the exclusive rights to another jurisdiction (for example a country your business won’t be pursuing in the near term). Alternatively, if your patent is applicable to more than one industry, you could provide the licensing rights to another company exclusively in an industry or application area that isn’t core to your business.

At The IP Link, we help our clients understand the value a patent application might bring to their business BEFORE they start spending tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on their legal fees with a lawyer. If you’re considering licensing, but haven’t filed a patent yet, or if you want help digging into all the different ways a patent could bring value to your business, let’s talk!

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